Monday, October 15, 2007

Dinner: a blast from the past

Food not only feeds the body, but also the soul. Okay, this is not going to be super sentimental.

From time to time I like making the dishes my parents made when I was little. Tonight I made a pretty typical Russian dinner, although I doubt many Americans will find it appetizing. Be BRAVE! Give it a chance.

Buckwheat with boiled eggs and "fried" onions

1. Cook buckwheat similar to rice, using 1-2 ratio (1 part buckwheat, 2 parts water). Put dry buckwheat into a bowl and pour cold water over it. Anything that floats to the top: discard. In a pot boil the water, add salt, add buckwheat, bring back to a boil. Turn to low, cover, and cook for about 3o minutes.

2. Boil eggs.

3. Cut and saute a white or yellow onion until the onion pieces are a beautiful golden-brown. This requires patience; if you are not patient and keep the heat on high, the onions will burn and you'll have to start all over.

4. Assemble the dinner: combine cooked buckwheat with cooked onions and peeled and finely cubed boiled eggs. You can add a bit of butter or olive oil. Ajdust for salt and Enjoy. It's really a great comfort dinner.


Diana said...

"cooked onions"??? I didn't know this is Russian dish. I need to talk to your mom.

Jen said...

btw, every time I open your blog I think it should have an "Oh My!" at the end of the title rather than "etc." :)

Olga said...

Jenny, that's a super cute idea, but then I would have to notify thousands of my readers about the change of the address :)

Yaneev said...

Mmmm, buckwheat. Definitely an acquired taste. I do enjoy it, but I hate the smell of it cooking. Go figure. Good stuff!

Also, there are ways of moving your blog without having to notify your legions of readers about it. :-)