Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Restaurant Review: Oaxaca

Last night I tried out a new restaurant: Oaxaca! I love Mexican food and it has been quite difficult to find something authentic in DC area.

Tom Sietsema, food critic for the Washington Post, has reviewed this restaurant and highly recommended it: I was looking forward to my dining experience there.

First of all, what a name! I thought it was pronounced o-k-s-a-k-a, but according to the website, it's actually wa-ha-ca: cool!

The interior is really pretty: darker colors, candles, star-shaped lamps, mirrors: very romantic (in case someone is looking for a date).

The menu (look at the website) was rather short, but for me it's a benefit: otherwise it takes forever to decide what to order. I decided on De Borrego (tacos of marinated lamb in garlic and Oaxacan peppers served with rice and pureed black beans) and Rellenitos de Platano Macho (plantain patties stuffed with black beans).

Both dishes were excellent! Plantain patties were crispy on the edges, I'm guessing from being fried, but the beans on the inside were almost creamy. The lamb was superb!

Overall, great food, great service and great atmosphere. I haven't tried any drinks or dessert this time, but would definitely on the next visit.

Bonus: cute waiter and Latin music!
Interesting: instead of regular chips and salsa, before your meal you are treated to sliced jicama drizzled with oil and spices: delicious!

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