Sunday, September 30, 2007

UGH: I killed my orchid!

Yesterday I was super sad and all because I did something totally stupid.

One of my orchids, the one I bought at the National Cathedral garden store, was sick so I kept it in the kitchen while it got better so that my other plants would not get infected (I am not kidding).

Then yesterday I was cooking and opened one of my cupboards and heard a snap!!!

OMG! I snapped off the top 5 inches of the orchid together with 3 buds! I have no clue if they will open up now. Super duper sad.


Valeria said...

Wow, I thought that you actually KILLED it. Like overwatered it or something. Or dropped the pot. It's ok, I'm sure it will give you more flowers.

Jen said...

ooooh sad. I almost cried.