Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chocolate Pecan Pie

A few Thanksgivings ago Jenny made me and Anna a chocolate pecan pie. It was divine. I've also had fabulous chocolate pecan pie at several Thanksgiving celebrations at Cindy's. I love pecans and I love chocolate, so it's a great combination.

This year I'm going to visit Anna in Des Moines for Thanksgiving and wanted to make chocolate pecan pie. Anna did not like this idea, but she did find a recipe from America's Test Kitchen (email me if you are interested).

I decided to leave work a bit earlier today and make the pie :)

You basically melt some butter, add in corn syrup, a bit of salt, eggs, and vanilla. Warm the mixture in a bowl over simmering water, mix in toasted pecans.

You then pour this mixture in a pie crust (I used a premade graham cracker crust) and cover it with chocolate chips (unlike the recipe, which called for semisweet, milk and white chocolate, I used combination of semisweet and dark chocolate).

You then bake the pie at 275 for about an hour and let it cool for 4 hours. I could only wait 3 hours :) Okay, Jenny's and Cindy's desserts were definitely better, but I'm pretty pleased with
the way this one turned out. It might have too much chocolate, but overall it's rather good!


Emily said...

looks good to me!

Yaneev said...

I think I gained about five pounds just reading the recipe. That means it must be good! :-) I hope your Thanksgiving was fun!