Friday, December 7, 2007

Dinner: got latkes?

I decided to make latkes tonight, but with a twist.

Ingredients and Directions
1) peel and shred one large sweet potato (I used my handy food processor)
2) thinly slice 3 scallions on a diagonal (both green and white parts)

3) put one piece of bread into a food processor and "process" until the bread is in tiny pieces (or use store bought bread crumbs)
4) combine the potatoes, onions, and bread crumbs with 2 eggs, salt and pepper

5) take some of the mixture and form it into a thin patty and cook in oil (do not skimp on oil!!!) for 2-3 minutes on each side [Note: make one latka first and taste it for flavor: you might need to add more salt]

6) repeat step 5 to make all latkes and then put them on a cookie sheet and finish in 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes to make sure potatoes are cooked through

7) serve with sour-cream

8) I also had chicken marinated in lemon juice, oil, garlic and fresh thyme

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cia007girl said...

Made almost identical recipe last night. Added some papprika to the latkes. I did skimp on the oil though - not a good idea. Baking in the oven really helps to cook the latkes through, b/c otherwise they might burn on the stove.
I had sourcream and BBQ sauce on a side, and some chopped cilantro.