Wednesday, December 12, 2007


My grandmother knit. My mom knit. My sister and I knit too. Recently I started yet another scarf project and thought I'd post pictures of the different scarves I've made over the years.

This scarf I made from a turtleneck I used to have that shrunk after being washed too many times. Taking my mom's advice (doesn't happen often) I washed the unraveled yarn, then stretched it on the chair and only then started knitting. Love how it turned out. And the pompons are made the same way I used to make pompons when I was in kindergarten.

This is a copy cat of Anna's scarf, but hers is in black. One year we were visiting our parents in Seattle and she put the scarf on a little table, and it looked exactly like our parents' cat Gypsy. (This is the scarf I was wearing when one of the guys at work asked if I used to model :) )

This scarf I made from leftover yarn I think I took from my grandmother. I don't wear it often because the colors are hard to match to my outfits, but I like the two tone look and of course the tassles.

This is just a simple scarf, but very soft and super long.

This is my new project. You simply knit, pearl, knit, pearl all the way across. And then the second row is reversed. It looks almost like a honeycomb and is really easy but for some reason is taking forever. Hopefully I'll finish it with enough time to actually wear it this winter.

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