Sunday, December 16, 2007

OMG too many SHOES

I was doing laundry tonight and saw an ad for a shoe rack. I decided to check it out and purchased a wooden shoe rack for $5.

While putting my winter shoes on the shoe rack I realized to my horror just how many shoes I have. It's insane! I'm honestly scared to count the number of pairs.

Below are two pictures: the first is of my new shoe rack, the second is a pile of my summer shoes...and I still have more....OMG....

I just counted: sixty two (pairs, not individual shoes..but a lot of them are flip flops...and there are a bunch that I could probably get rid off, but I really don't want to)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

1 comment:

honeykbee said...

Your shoes are adorable, don't feel obligated to get rid of any of them! Especially now that they're all neat.

I could really use a $5 shoe rack...