Monday, December 17, 2007

Dinner: Mushroom Caps

This post is dedicated to Angela :)

Yesterday I went to Angela's cookie exchange and she was singing me praises. She was impressed how I can open my refrigerator, see what's inside and invent a meal. Tonight, I did just that.

A few days ago I gave pork another try, and although it wasn't horrible, it wasn't stellar. I decided to put the rest of the cooked pork chops through my food processor's shredding blade. Carrots and cabbage met the same faith.

I then sauteed the pork, cabbage and carrots together in some olive oil, salt, sweet chili sauce, a bit of sesame oil (very little!), soy sauce and hoisin sauce.

The mixture tasted, but I needed a vessel for it. I did not have tortillas or wanton wraps, but I had 4 portobello mushrooms! I removed the stems and black gills from the mushrooms: vessels ready.

I then broiled the mushroom caps drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt for 5 minutes, and then filled them with cabbage, pork, and carrot combo, but still there was something missing: CHEESE! Luckily, I had a chunk of cheddar in the refrigerator!

I really liked the combination of flavors! Tomorrow I might buy some pre-made wanton wrappers and make little wantons with the leftover filling.

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Anonymous said...

Olga=MacGyver of the Kitchen.

Give her a roll of duct tape, some ricotta cheese and a shoe string, and she can whip up a nine course meals with wine pairings ;)