Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eggs and Ginger

Edward, who is in charge of the culinary program at Sur La Table, has studied Indian cuisine for years and is quite passionate about it. A while ago he gave me an idea for an Indian omelet: garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and eggs. It was delicious!

Last night, I was going to make a quick omelet with the leftover pork loin I cooked a few weeks ago, froze, and then defrosted over the weekend. I cut the pork into cubes, sauteed it in some olive oil (I was afraid I did not cook it well enough the first time around) , and then decided to add a few teaspoons of minced ginger. I would not do this normally, but I had a chunk of ginger leftover from the two Indian dishes I made over the weekend.

After sauteing the ginger with the pork for a bit, I added the mixture of eggs/milk/salt/pepper. It was such a lovely combination. And I actually liked biting into little bits of ginger (so don't use your microplane for this particular task).

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