Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Restaurant Week: Spezie

It is now Restaurant Week and many restaurants are offering special 3 course menus for lunch ($20.08) and dinner ($30.08).

It was my new friend's Anna's birthday last night and she invited me to celebrate it with her friends at Spezie.

Baccala matecato all'olio e prezzemolo con purea de patate e pomodori
Olive oil poached salted cod with tomato and roasted garlic matshed potato, parsley sauce

Main Course
Costolette di agnello con carciofi alla romana e salsa alle olive
Herb crusted lamb chops with white wine braised artichokes and black olive sauce with roasted potatoes

I wasn't able to get the formal description of the dessert, but it was a chocolate mousse with candied kumquats

My thoughts:
*The bread basket was great! It was served with finely chopped olives, but I was surprised we did not receive olive oil for dipping.

*My appetizer was divine! The portion was generous enough to serve as an entree, but I managed to finish the entire thing :) The fish was tender and flavorful and formed into a patty. The mashed potatoes were perfectly cooked and were complimented well with the parsley sauce.

*The lamb chops were just right and medium rare. The accompanied sauce was velvety but not overwhelming. The roasted potatoes were a bit overdone, but that was not the main component of the dish.

*Dessert: I think this was the best part of the meal! The citrus flavor always goes perfectly with chocolate. The dish did not feel heavy at all and the presentation was very pretty with scattered berries and candied kumquats (oh if only I had a camera).

Great company, great food, fun times!

Tonight I'm going to Zengo for dinner with Paige and Jenn.

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