Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Say What???

Here's a little background story: This summer I saw a really cool dancer at Zanzibar, but he danced completely differently from anyone else and I thought I wasn't cool enough to dance with him. Well, he asked, I said yes, but after he attempted to "drop" me on the floor, I was so scared of a) falling and breaking my neck b) breaking his back that I said "okay, this is enough."

Fast forward a few weeks...Anna came to visit me and danced with this guy a few times in Lucky Bar and then I also started dancing with him. It was still slightly scary, but my comfort level improved, and I began to look forward to dancing with him again.

Fast forward a few months: I think I have a crush on him.

Last night: I was at Lucky Bar and the guy was there and we danced and it was fun and then he said that he wanted to tell me something before I left for the night. Thoughts raced through my head. Was he going to ask me out? Ask for my number? What else could it be?

I danced my last dance for the night with the guy and told him I was leaving. He walked with me towards the door and said: "I have to tell you something." "Okay," I said. "I really, really like you, but there is one problem," he said. My mind began racing again...is he illegal? does he have children? What could it be??? "I'm married," he said.

WTF??? Why do I have crushes on unavailable men!? I could not really come up with anything to say, so I suggested he start wearing a wedding band.


The Poor Dispositionist said...

That guy is a jerk! He tells his wife he loves her, and that dancing is just a hobby, some exercise for his weight, leaves her at home with the kids, goes out and showboats on the floor with lack of regard for his dance partner, and than, and than flirts with other women!! This would never happen at a milonga.

BlueToYou said...

i agree. what a jerk!! who tells a girl anyway that he likes her but he's unavailable?

cia007girl said...

LOL. Now I don't feel so bad about the dude at salsa who *ONLY* has a girlfriend :)