Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Restaurant Week: Zengo

I've been wanting to try Zengo for more than a year. Last year, right before New Year's Eve, I went there for drinks with a cute doctor-to-be I met (where else?) at Zanzibar. The drinks were good, the restaurant was gorgeous (even the bathroom was pretty!), but things with the doctor-to-be did not work out.

Finally, this year, I decided to go there for dinner with Jenn, Paige and Paige's friend Arlene.

Unlike Spezie, Zengo offered quite a limited number of options to choose from, and pretty much all four of us ordered the same thing. But I'll write about my choices :)

I started with a Caprhinia and it went to my head pretty quickly!

shrimp empanada
shiitake / oaxaca cheese / green curry
pineapple~bell pepper salsa

Main course
miso braised kobe beef brisket
crema fresca mashed potato / sweet chile sauce

mexican chocolate flan
piloncillo caramel / sake macerated fruit / lace crisp

After waiting for such a long time to try out the food at Zengo, I was slightly disappointed. However, the brisket was the most tender and flavorful meat I've eaten in a long time. It was perfect! I just wish they put a side of vegetables to accompany the dish.

The flan was interesting, but had a slight burned after-taste...was it on purpose?

The service was attentive, but it felt like we had no time to just sit in between the courses and chat. The next course was served almost as soon as the plates from the previous one were cleared.

The company, of course was great! And overall I'm glad I finally went back to Zengo. Maybe I should return for lunch one day and try the dishes from the Asian side of the menu?

Next? Charlie Palmer with Stacey for lunch on Friday.


The Poor Dispositionist said...

The burned taste might have been their application of chili and cinnamon to the chocolate to make it "mexican"?

Unknown said...

Seriously, burned is burned! :) Regardless of how they reached that point, it's not excusable.
I love it when I get Vietnamese Iced Coffee (with condensed milk) and complain that it tastes burned, they say that it's just strong coffee. Nope. It's burned coffee. There's a difference...Back to your regular programming.