Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good bye, my darlings!

Tonight was the first time I went dancing at Zanzibar after quitting rueda practices. I was slightly apprehensive that my regular dancing partners might have forgotten me, but the night turned out just fine! Quite a few guys were happy to see me back and told me not to go away for such long periods of time. One even said he thought I eloped and gotten married (as if!).

Sadly, my salsa shoes did not make it to Zanzibar with me. They have served their time, and I now have to find a replacement. I've had the shoes for at least 3 years and they have traveled with me to Puerto Rico, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia and New York....great spins and great memories.

Maybe it's time I finally invest in real salsa shoes?

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Nazli said...

I know these shoes. You have so many memories with them.