Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm in Washington Post!!!!

A few months ago I applied to be a student for Washington Post's "Chef on Call" column, and the editors emailed me back setting up my lesson for March 7th with Nathalie Dupree. I was thrilled beyond belief, but also nervous and somewhat stressed (my kitchen needed to be cleaned from top to bottom).

Photo Credit: By Len Spoden For The Washington Post Photo

They came, we cooked, pictures were taken and it was a really good time! I then had to wait 2 weeks for the article to come out. I'm not good at waiting. Last night I could not fall asleep and shortly after midnight went ahead and logged onto Washington Post and read the published article. I wish there was more there about me, but I know they had to promote Nathalie and her upcoming books. This was a very worthwhile experience. Who knows...maybe Date Lab will be knocking on my doors next?!

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