Monday, March 24, 2008

Jewelry Mania

As many of you know, I took two jewelry classes and absolutely loved them! I thought it would be fun to make some jewelry with Anna while we were in Philadelphia. Saturday we spent at least an hour (maybe closer to 2) at a bead store. Below are our creations.

I made the ring on the left while in DC and brought supplies to make a copy of it for Anna if she liked it (obviously she did). The stone in the middle is aquamarine, our birthstone; the stones on the sides are garnets.
I made these earrings using a cluster of white pearls and garnets I had left from my other jewelry projects.
I had these beads hanging off of one of my tunics and decided to make earrings from them instead. I also created the silver spiral below the bead.

Anna pretty much created this bracelet and I "manufactured" it. It matches my earrings, ring and necklace! What can I say? I like to match.
The two earrings below are Anna's. She completely designed them, and I made them. They are super pretty!


The Poor Dispositionist said...

While the jewelry is nice, the color palette seems quite muted. Why not something to match your hot pink phone?

cia007girl said...

the last two pairs of earrings are mine. AND i helped with the bracelet design :)

Valeria said...

OMG, that's so beautiful! Now I feel inadequate about the earrings I bought you in BA. Maybe you can revamp them yourself:)