Sunday, April 27, 2008

Great sushi with a great friend

This past Friday Jenn and I went to Yamazato sushi for dinner. This was my second time at Yamazato's: Jenn took me to this gem of a restaurant a few months ago and I had to agree: they serve the best sushi I've had!

We shared a seaweed salad for an appetizer and then had tom ka soup (spicy lemon grass broth cooked in coconut milk with white mushrooms: I had a vegetarian version, Jenn had it with shrimp). The soup was very flavorful, but I wish the sweetness of the coconut milk would have stood out a bit more.

We then shared a "few" rolls and I wish I had my camera to take pictures of the beautifully made sushi.
* Spicy crunchy shrimp roll
* Spicy crunchy tuna roll
* Kamikaze roll: yellow tail, tuna, avocado (inside) with spicy sauce (outside)
* Eagle roll: I could not find the description of this one, but it had an avocado on the outside with the spicy sauce
Great food, great friends! And to finish the meal we had mango and sticky rice.


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