Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mission: Impress with Chocolate

So apparently, chocolate is "a gift from the Gods. The cool Gods."

I wanted to impress and to wow, so Anna recommended CIA Mudslide Cookies (and before you ask, CIA as in Culinary Institute of America, not the Central Intelligence Agency). The only change I made to the recipe was to omit the nuts, because someone doesn't like them! This was a fun recipe to make and the results are wonderfully chocolaty! The cookie is fudgy on the inside and crisply on the outside: definitely only for those who are true chocoholics.

Special thanks to Anna for recipe suggestion and to Paige for instant coffee powder!


The Poor Dispositionist said...

Hmm, kind of flat...did you make them into cookie shapes before baking?

cia007girl said...

Flatness - I think it's partially b/c you left out the nuts and didn't change any other proportions. And you might've overmixed the dough. Also - did you butter the baking surface? That tends to spread out the cookies.
--The CIA expert :p

BlueToYou said...

i thought the cookies were excellent, like brownies except in cookie shapes. Yum. thanks for giving them to us warm!!!