Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Say What???

Last night I went salsa dancing, as I always do on Mondays. One of the guys I've met a while ago was there and asked if I danced bachata. I said "of course." I then asked him if he dances bachata. He looked very dubious, and I said I'd take it as a no. And we just stood there. He then decided to give it a try.

Bachata is really a simple dance: two steps to the right, two steps to the left, repeat, and throw in an occasional turn. But with the right person, it feels like you are floating on waves. This was not it, but he kept up with the rhythm. And then he said:

I think bachata is the most sensual dance. It's a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

OMG! Do people actually say these things in real life? I thought such cheesy lines were only allowed in the movies.


Anonymous said...

That is a line from Shall We Dance!

BlueToYou said...

me thinks he should have meant the Mambo...hence why a certain act is often called the "horizontal mambo"

;P cheesy nonetheless.