Monday, April 7, 2008

Russian Mac & Cheese with a twist

When I was growing up, my parents would make macaroni and cheese quite often. But that wasn't your American mac & cheese. They would boil very thin spaghetti and then put shredded cheese on top. As you mixed in the cheese, it formed long strings: delicious! No butter, no bread crumbs, no milk, no baking: just pasta and cheese.

Tonight I recreated the recipe (sort of): 1) boil the pasta 3 minutes shorter than told on the box 2) add broccoli* into the water 3) cook pasta with broccoli till both are cooked through 4) drain 5) add in shredded sharp cheddar, some ground pepper and stir 6) top each bowl with a bit more cheddar and enjoy!

* you can also omit broccoli or add peas....and even hotdogs!


jb said...

Hi Olga,

Actually I've seen at least one American make mac and cheese that way...but sadly I don't think it was intentional...and there was no broccoli.

On a (slightly) related note, I am passing along a blog meme to you. If you have the time and the inclination, it would be great if you could join in. If not, no problem. Mainly, it was a way to let my readers know about your cool blog.

For specifics, please see the post:

Leonid said...

It is nice of you to remember some thing nice about your childhood.What do you remember else ,exept fathers borsch? mom.