Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another sad good-bye

...or Another bites the dust

I'm sad today because Paige is on her way to Atlanta. No, not to visit: to stay. Over the last five years I had to say good-bye to some of my very good friends who moved out of DC area, and it doesn't get easier with practice.

Laura was the first one. She left four (!!!) years ago, and Jenny and I lost our Musketeer. But maybe I should concentrate on the positive? After Laura moved, Jenny and I went to visit her in Florida a few times and will be making our way to Puerto Rico next! I still have a plant Laura left behind, and it's doing remarkably well. But of course there are so many things I miss: Laura's no-sugar-coated approach to things, her reminders that "hate is such a strong word," the little penguin dance she'd do for me, fried plantains, and just hanging out together and watching TV. Recently I found a tile craft project we did when we just started working at BLS (do you remember???).

Alyssa was next. First she moved for a year to St. Croix. But that was almost good, because Anna and I met up with her in Puerto Rico and had a great time sightseeing, eating out and dancing. Then Alyssa came back to DC area and we went back to eating out, dancing, visiting museums, and even took a trip to Atlanta, which was one of the most low key and pleasant vacations I've ever had. And then Alyssa left again (is there a pattern?). Before she left, Alyssa gave me a mini orange tree she started growing from a seed, and a year later, the tree has doubled in size! Who knows, maybe at one point I'll have a few home-grown oranges?

Jenny was the second Musketeer to skedaddle out of here 2 years ago. And now she's in NYC, an MBA Graduate from Stern Graduate School of Business. Can't believe how fast the two years went by. From Jenny, I too have a few things: a pretty white cabinet in my bathroom, a hanging basket, and a pair of shoes. But those things don't make up for flowers and soup that Jenny used to bring over when yet another boy broke my heart, our shopping adventures, and outings to Eastern Market. Good thing NYC is so close by and since Anna is in Hyde Park, we all see each other a few times a year. And Jenny is coming to DC in a few weeks!

And finally Paige: a girl I met in my apartment complex two years ago, who became such a good friend! I will miss our Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives nights, our crafting afternoons and long chats. Who will make a lemon meringue pie now? Or tell me to get out of my apartment when the fire alarms are blasting through the hallways? Good thing with gmail and phone we can still confide in one another!!! And now I'll have a place to stay in Atlanta! I hope you get to Atlanta safely and with your sanity intact :)

Luckily I still have good friends in the area. It just sometimes feels like one step forward, two steps back.

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Cara said...


I really know how you feel - it's so hard to see friends leave!