Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday was the final day of Atomatic. This was the first time I attended this unbelievable collection of artists. I'm really mad at myself that I waited till the last day because the exhibit was only one Metro stop away from work. But I guess it's better to see a little of it than nothing at all. I'll know better next year.

Below are some of my favorite "pieces;" there would have been more, but my camera died after 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to write down the artists' information for all of them (if available, the names appear below the art pieces).

Kerin McBride

Michael Torra

This woman collects old pairs of eyeglasses and makes them into pieces of art

Jennifer Lindstrom

Amanda Engels (Its Time)

Very cheeful and pretty.

There were 5 dresses and this one was my favorite.

Charlotte Guthery

This was a very cool project: the artist, Vick Fisher, took one photo and manipulated it so that the final product looks like a mandala

There was an entire exhibit composed of peeps!

Of course I had to take a few pictures of jewelry!

Yeonhee Ji

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