Monday, June 16, 2008


After my camera's battery died, I took some of the artists' business cards. Below are some of my favorites.

There were several wonderful mosaic pieces by Lisa Osgood-Dano. Check out her website to see a few of the projects up close and personal. This really makes me want to try mosaics...anyone wants to join me?

I also liked whimsical porcelain pieces by Laura Peery.

Another exhibit that I absolutely loved was by John Pack, who created food sculptures from shells! Check out his pictures here.

One of the most intricate works that I saw at Artomatic was done by Sherill Anne Gross. At first, her work appears as a simple picture, but on closer examination, you can see that it's layers upon layers of cut out paper that form different images. LOVED!

Because I really like modern art, simple design and geometric forms, I really liked the work by Joel Church; unfortunately, his website is not yet operational...check in back next week.

Matthew Langley also had a few of his modern designs on display in Artomatic. His art reminds me of blocks my dad made for Anna and me when we were little. We used those wooden blocks to make larger designs: what fun!

I also really enjoyed contemporary work by Shannon McCarty. Who knew you could make art usinng only fabric and an iron?

Another very cool exhibit in Artomatic was Leaves by Martin Hahn. Unfortunately the artist doesn't have a website, but maybe in the future?

I really wish more of the artists would create a website displaying their art. Even a little blog maybe? It's really not that hard and would be a great publicity tool.

Till next year!

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