Friday, June 6, 2008

Oldie but Goodie

Last night I went dancing at Z. I wore my cute black tiered spaghetti strap top, put on some glitter (I still have it from 7 years ago when Anna gave it to me for my bday), did my makeup, and sprayed myself with a bit of perfume.

I left my apartment at 8:15. Got there by 9. The minute I stepped inside, I knew it was not going to be a good night. There was hardly anyone there (again!). And the people who were there, were not the people I dance with. So I stood around, trying not to look pissy (which is hard even in the best of situations) and hoping that the 2 or 3 men that I typically dance with would ask me to dance. And they did, but I still only danced 7-10 songs for the entire hour!

The highlight was dancing with an 80 y.o. man I wrote about a while ago (therefore the title of this post). He was incredible! I am amazed he has so much energy at his age. But I was somewhat scared he'll have a heart attack from being so energetic and because my top was slightly low cut :) Not to worry, everyone has survived.

I left at 10 pm. Got home by 11 (there were delays on the Metro and TONS of people coming from the Nationals game). Such a disappointment. Maybe I should find something else to do with my Thursdays...

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