Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sushi Lunch with Ashley

I haven't seen Ashley since our last mentoring session weeks ago. Finally, today we were free at the same time and met at the Sushi Go Round & Tapas in Gallery Place for lunch. This is my 3rd time to this restaurant and it was as enjoyable as always.

I knew I wanted sushi, and chose a wasabi tuna with avocado roll right away, but had a hard time choosing the second roll (one is just not enough!). Ashley then pointed out that there was a wide selection of tempura on the other side of the menu: I was in trouble! Who doesn't like fried things? I chose a sweet potato tempura and an eggplant tempura.

Did I mention they also have free unlimited refills of soda and iced tea? (I had 4 Diet Cokes!)

The sushi was fresh, spicy and creamy (avocado); the tempura was crispy on the outside and cooked to perfection on the inside (uncooked potatoes and eggplant are just very unpleasant).

Next time, I think I might try a roll, one tempura and soup.

Good times!

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Ashley said...

Yes I finally got a shout out on the blog!