Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I just came back from an appointment with a root canal specialist. Let's see:

1) my mouth is so small (no jokes, please) that it hurts to take x-rays...can they not invent a device that doesn't have to be stuck inside your mouth?
2) I now will be a lucky recipient of two root canals, each taking approximately two appointments
3) one of the root canals has three roots, instead of the typical two: lucky me
4) after the root canals are finished, I'm going to have two crowns: again, at least two appointments per crown
5) I cried like a child and am now sitting in my cubicle with my sunglasses on because my eyes are red shot (is that the expression?)

I've already paid $188 x 2, plus $65 consultation fee, not to mention time off work, pain, Metro fees, frustration, tears (LOTS of tears: I cry like a baby). Looking forward to paying at least $980/root canal and an additional $600/crown.

Yes, I realize there are wars going on and people are dying from cancer and AIDS, and are left homeless from the natural disasters. Yes, I realize that at least I have a job and insurance, but this is not the way I want to spend my savings, not to mention pain, tears, and constant waiting at the dentists' offices (...why? why can't they actually start your appointment at the time they schedule it?).

I really wish I could blame someone or break something or pay for this whole thing to magically disappear.

As if.


Cindy said...

You should seriously think about paying the $80 or so per apppointment to have the happy gas. That's what I have to do, to keep from crying all during my dental visits.


Jen said...

bloodshot :)

Emily said...

Sorry to hear about this Olga :-( Hope everything goes OK.

Suki said...

As a root canal veteran, I feel your pain on several levels. I have had 3 and have ended up with big bills each time. I don't know if this is reassuring or not, but the pain of the actual procedure was much less than the pain of paying. As much as people talk about root canals being the worst experience ever, I have actually find mine to be pretty pain free. Plus, if you really need a root canal and are already in pain, it will truly be a relief.

Times like this are when it sucks to be a grownup- it's no fun spending money on your teeth.

Oh, and I also know what you mean about x-rays- I always request the child sized ones because my mouth is so small :)