Monday, August 4, 2008

A blind date like no other...

Some people think I'm fame crazy...perhaps a bit. After all I did apply to Washington Post's Chef on Call and was selected. A year ago I also applied to their Date Lab column (where they set up two strangers on a blind date, pay for dinner and then write about it)...and finally was selected!

The date was last night. Unfortunately it was not a love connection, but it also wasn't horrible. You'll have to wait for full details when the article comes out in a few weeks.

Before the date, Jenn and I went to get manicures and pedicures (Jenn only got a pedicure) at Color Touch Nail Salon Inc (560 23rd Street S, Arlington VA 22202, 703-302-5525: THANK YOU Wendy for recommendation!). The salon was clean and inexpensive, and the two ladies working there were absolutely nice!

I decided to go for a very light color and chose two names that seemed appropriate for the evening to follow: Opi Passion and Opi Got a Date To-Knight. Alas, the first one did not happen. (The colors in the picture look darker than they are in real life). But I do have pretty feet and hands now :)

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