Thursday, September 25, 2008

18 Minutes

Last night I came home after a Happy Hour with Ashley and Carrie and decided I was too tired to clean. So, instead, I made a bit of room on my couch, and watched America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars. And had cookies with milk.

At 9 pm, when Bush started his speech on TV, I turned the TV off, but instead of cleaning, I watched One Tree Hill on Youtube. And then it was 10 pm, and the season premier of Lipstick Jungle.

At 11 pm I turned off my TV and decided to do a bit of cleaning because Jenn is coming over tonight, and even though we've been friends for a while, I'd be embarrassed for her to see the disarray that was my apartment. I loaded the dishwasher, collected the garbage, wiped off the kitchen counters, put my shoes away, put the random articles of clothes laying around my apartment into my walk-in closet, straightened up the bathroom and washed the bathroom sink, and a couple of other random tasks.

When I was done, it was 11:18. It only took me 18 minutes to make my apartment presentable. Now, obviously, it wasn't like I washed the floors and vacuumed. And there are still piles of stuff that could be put away or thrown away, but I am not embarrassed to have visitors now.

I know the lesson should be to do a bit of cleaning each day and to put everything in its place (something my dad has been trying to teach me ever since I was a little girl), but knowing me, that will not happen.

Still, it was so nice waking up to a cleaner place :)


cia007girl said...

Dad must be so proud!

Maranda Marie Burke said...

Ha. Your post made me laugh, I have piles everywhere.

Janet said...

Yeah my bedroom is a freaking mess. Instead I man my favorite position... In my living room at my desk - which faces my TV.