Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missed me? I'm back.

I'm back from a 4 day vacation in Montreal with Anna and Erica, Anna's friend from CIA. Last night I was too tired to work on my pictures and to write an update, but I promise to post something today or tomorrow. I's hard to wait ;)

In other news, my apartment has been repainted and although it smells like paint, I'm very happy with the new clean walls. I now need to re-arrange the furniture, hang pictures and mirrors and vacuum the carpet. My back is not too happy about it!

After eating out for 4 days, I also need to go grocery shopping: quite miss the cooking process, and maybe even make an appearance at the gym: Project Runway!

In the words of Jenny, tootles.


BlueToYou said...

i love the colors on the woordle.

Paz said...

Welcome back! I DID miss your posts, now that I've discovered them. ;-)

Have a good week.