Friday, August 29, 2008

Empty Walls

I knew this was coming....the yearly increase in my apartment rent. But this time they also changed some of the leasing rules and are including utilities.

My attempt at negotiating to lower the monthly rent failed, but I did talk them into repainting my apartment (something that hasn't been done in 6 years!). This means that I spent part of yesterday and today taking everything off the walls and moving all my furniture away from the walls and towards the middle of my tiny apartment (my poor back!).

I think I'm close to being done. It looks so sad and empty. My entire apartment is in such a disarray. But hopefully after I come back from Montreal, everything will be nicely painted (the wall that is, not my stuff!), and I'll put all my pictures, mirrors, etc. back to where they belong.


Paz said...

Congrats on getting them to repaint the place. Everything's going to look nice and new and beautiful!

Paz ;-)

BlueToYou said...

i miss those snowflakes. soon you'll need to replace them :(