Monday, September 15, 2008

The shoes that could have been...

On Saturday before going to DC Shorts Film Festival, Wendy and I went to DSW for shoe shopping. Technically, I was only supposed to be window shopping. It was Wendy who was looking for a specific pair of shoes, and I was there to give some advice.

But you know me: I love shoes. Even though I have pairs and pairs of shoes I haven't worn in a while, I could always use another pair.

During the summer I really wanted a pair of yellow shoes, but alas, summer is over and there are still no yellow shoes in my closet.

For this fall season, I want a pair of purple shoes. Purple seems to be the new color this season and I want it!

I found a really cute pair of Nicole "Volunteer Shoes" at DSW on sale: they are the same as the picture above, but in a pretty purple color. I nearly bought them, but at the last minute decided to put them back on a shelf: after wearing them in the store for 20 minutes, the really killed my feet. I'm really sad they did not come home with me.

And the search continues...

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BlueToYou said...

those totally do look like you though.