Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh What a Great Night!

Last night was so much fun!

Wendy emailed me last month about DC Shorts Film Festival, and we decided to go to the opening night with Jenn and Wendy's friend Joel, and his friend John.

The screening was held at E street, so before the movie, Jenn, Wendy and I met up at Chipotle for dinner. Yes, I like fancy food, but sometimes Chipotle just hits the spot :) Unfortunately, due to Metro delays, we had only about 20 minutes to eat: it was not enough time: I felt like I was literally breathing in my food without fully enjoying it.

But back to the movies. The opening night included twelve short films ranging in subjects from sex trafficking to adultery to Irish Twins and possible suicide on The Brooklyn Bridge. I really enjoyed most of the films, even though some had endings that did not really reveal what happened. The Irish Twins film had several unexpected twists, which really held one's attention.

One of my favorites was Happily Ever After: you really have to see it to understand what happens, or at least how the movie was constructed. And bonus points: there was a great soundtrack.

After the screening, there was a short panel discussion with the films' producers/directors and then an after party on a rooftop of a nearby office building. How totally fun!?! The weather was gorgeous; we had great views of the Washington Monument and The Capital building. There were free drinks and free food and live music entertainment. Two vodka/apple juice combos and one glass of white wine later, I was a pretty happy girl. And of course the company was fun too.

That's why I love living in DC: so much culture!

Saturday Wendy and I are going back for another collection of shorts. Cannot wait.


BlueToYou said...

so jealous! if i was there i would have totally gone with you!

cia007girl said...

and you say that I drink a lot? lol at least i spread my drinks out :p

Anonymous said...

glad you had a fun time.


Jenn said...

That was such a fun night! As I mentioned before, we need to drink more often:) And yes, two comments on two separate blogs all in one night! How thrilled are you?