Sunday, October 5, 2008

Say What???

Last night Jenn, Mas and I went to our favorite Korean restaurant. It was cold and we asked for tea. Our waitress brought us 3 cups of green tea and was horrified when I asked for some sugar. She looked at Jenn as if I was insane and said something in Korean, basically meaning: you don't add sugar to green tea.

Fine. I drank it as is. In the Chinese restaurants they always allow me to add sugar to my tea.

The food was as good as always, but this time I had to share my favorite mashed potatoes with peas with Mas.

Then, a couple came in, sat down, ordered their food and ordered green tea. The guy asked for sugar, and guess what??? They brought him a bowl of sugar! Maybe they thought I had a better palette and could handle it? It's a mystery...

1 comment:

BlueToYou said...

i am drinking green tea right now as a matter of fact. i don't add sugar, but sheesh, how pretentious is that?