Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mini Rant: how hard is it to buy a winter coat?

I have 4 winter coats. One of them I've had for more than 7 years, another for 5 years, the third one for 4 and the last one for 2. I want a new coat. I want a coat that makes me feel cute, instead of making me feel like a penguin.

I've spent at least 3 hours looking for a coat at 5 different stores...and nothing! Either they are too big or too small. They have double row of buttons (something I do not want), or crazy fur on the hood (something I also don't want).

I finally found a beautiful red Kenneth Cole Reaction coat in Macys, only to find out they did not have my size. Even though the store computer said they had two coats in the size I wanted, the saleswoman said that it can actually mean they have none...seriously?

And so, I either continue my "hunt" for a winter coat, or keep on looking like a penguin in my black puffy coat.

This is a photo from about 2 years ago from my trip to Paris (I'm on the left) with Jen and Anna.

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Valeria said...

See if they have that coat online, now that you know it fits you.