Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mini Rant: your questions are so NOT funny.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a twin. There is still some debate whether Anna and I are identical or fraternal, but people tend to go berserk when they see us. We went to the same University and even majored in Economics together, so for a certain period in our lives we were bombarded by "twin" questions and grew accustomed to them.

However, after college Anna moved to Dallas, and I moved to DC. The twin questions stopped other than when we visited each other. Most of the questions were asked when we went salsa dancing together. People were shocked to see the two of us at the same place and the staring, pointing, and dumb-founded looks persisted to follow us from Dallas, to DC, to Seattle, and even to Paris.

For the last month that Anna has been visiting me, the questions have made their way into our lives again. Below is just a small sample of the ones we get often:

*Are you you or your sister?
*Are you the good twin or the evil twin?
*OMG, are you twins?
*Do you have any funny stories about being a twin? Like if you dated someone and the guy mistook one for another? [really, that would be funny?]

People, please stop! We've heard these questions a zillion times before, and they are really not that amusing. We really don't look that much alike: and if I take my glasses off, we would not all of a sudden become even more identical. If you pinch Anna, I would not feel pain, and if you have more chemistry dancing with her than with me, we don't necessarily need to know that.

Ok, I feel a little bit better to get that off my chest.


Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

My sis and I get these kinds of questions all the time and we are NOT twins! We are 3 years apart. She is shorter I am taller and heavier by 60 pounds or so. We don't even think we look alike!

Jennifer said...

I had a good friend also named Jennifer and other than we both had brown hair ... I was tall, she short... people would always ask if we were twins, too. Seriously? They think we might be twins and our parents named both of us Jennifer? People are brilliant1 I can tell you two apart but not in that baby picture! I guess Anna on the right but it's a total guess.