Monday, January 26, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Here are some photos for Ruby Tuesday. The one on the left is a double stroller I saw while I was walking to Textile Museum with Jason and "the ladies." The two photos below are of a super cool bathroom lock at the Textile Museum. I love how it says "engaged" when someone is in the bathroom instead of occupied :)

The last two photos are from my Savannah trip. If you look closely at the telephone booth photo, you can see my reflection in the glass wearing the super cute puffy coat Anna left me when she moved to Birmingham, Alabama.


Felisol said...

You have shot some wonderful Ruby Tuesday Pix, and engaging macros as well.
Doors are a fascinating subject.
I have a poster called Doors of Dublin shot in the early eighties.
i often think of doing something similar in the town where I live.
I've got to hurry, they are disappearing one by one.
The reflection in the English (the crown?) phone booth was interesting.
Was it intended?
Nice anyway.
Have a Happy Ruby Tuesday.
From Felisol

EastCoastLife said...

I like the old telephone booth. I can't find it in my country, Singapore.

Lovely reds. :)

Jientje said...

I'm a door freak myself! This one made me smile! Good find!!

Carletta said...

Great finds! I love the old telephone booth. That's a pretty snazzy stroller for a little one.

Your door post below this is excellent!