Monday, January 26, 2009

Savannah, Day 4: Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009

Not sure why, but I had the hardest time falling asleep my last night in Savannah. There was some sort of a smoke alarm and I could see people on the roof with flashlights, which was rather disturbing.

Good thing I packed the night before: I barely had the time to take a shower, check out of the hotel and have breakfast before getting a tour of SCAD. The funny thing was that I was the only person on the tour not accompanied by parents: everyone else was a potential Freshman accompanied by at least one parent. I felt lonely and independent at the same time.

SCAD is unbelievably impressive: the school has amazing reputation and wonderful programs, but I don't know if I could live for two years in such a small town. Plus, who knows if I would even qualify since my undergrad is in subjects completely different from "art." The biggest problem, though, is how do I decide what I want to concentrate one?

I'm still glad I took the tour. The school has 80+ buildings scattered around Savannah. One of those buildings (seen below) is an old synagogue. The picture on the right is a "napping" chair. I really want one of those for my cubicle!

The two photos below are the changing light ceiling in the building that used to be a synagogue: how very cool?

After the tour and BBQ lunch I walked back to the hotel and bought a pair of earrings on the way :)
I also managed to lose my camera case.
And I did not bother checking the flight schedule: if I had, I would have found out that there was an earlier flight and would have made it instead of sitting at the airport for almost 2 hours...but at least they had a free wireless connection!

The photos below are just some of the other 280+ photos I took while on the trip: a ground level light (I don't know the proper term) with some condensation, a famous theater, and a very cool drain.

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my vacation posts. I hope you were able to get a feel of what Savannah is like. Thanks to Paige for joining me for half of the trip.

I think I might post a few other photos that I really liked in a minute :)

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Jennifer said...

Very cool!! I love that drain.