Wednesday, March 4, 2009

30 Minutes for 30 Days before turning 30

***from time to time, I will post this at the top of my other entries, as a reminder of what I'm doing. This will also serve as an update to my training for Avon Breast Cancer Walk in May. Maybe once it gets too long, I'll start a new post***

OMG, time is flying fast. Seriously, how does this happen?
In a bit more than a month, I (and Anna!) will be turning 30! That's a huge number!!! Good thing people still think we look like we are 22 ;)

For our birthday this year, Anna and I will be flying to Las Vegas, and our good friend Lera will be joining us: fun times!

I decided to do a little "tune-up"/experiment and exercise for 30 minutes for the next 30 days before I turn 30. I know this might not seem like a big deal for those of you who are gym fanatics, but for me, it's quite a commitment.

What will count as exercise: dancing, prancing around my apartment, going for a walk, doing weights, doing one of the yoga tapes Anna gave me, etc.

I will updated this post and document my progress and hope you will keep me accountable (I decided to post the most recent date first)!!!

Day 15: March 12: 2 mile walk from work to Dupont (volunteering)

Day 14: March 11: 4 mile walk around the neighborhood (awesome route making skills, Jenny!)

Day 13:
March 10: 1 mile walk to lunch, 3 miles on treadmill

Day 12: March 9: dancing

Day 11: March 8: 80 minute walk: about 4.6 miles according to Google walking mile counter. Will try to do some weights for my arms later today.

Day 10: March 7: nada

Day 9: March 6: 1 mile walk to lunch and 1 mile walk back to work

Day 8: March 5: 4 mile walk after work: boy, does walking clear up your mind: or at least lets you not think about certain things

Day 7: March 4: Today I started to train for Avon Breast Cancer Walk. I walked 2 miles during lunch, which took about 30-35 minutes. I guess going at a comfortable speed I can do a mile in 15-17 minutes! So this counts for yesterday. I'll try to make it to the gym after work tonight. Top Chef reunion is at 9 pm :)......................So I did not make it to the gym for the Top Chef show, but I did get there around 10 pm and did 30 minute on the elliptical machine! So proud of myself, b/c it was very very tempting to stay in my apartment ;)

Day 6: March 3: the only exercise I did was taking stairs at work and that so does not count! I was thinking about going to the gym at night, but the Jenn came over for dinner instead (I am going to spare you with the list of things we've consumed)

Day 5: March 2: 30 min eliptical in the gym, 15 min weights/stretching/sit ups at home; dancing at Lucky Bar--> and now I'm caught up!!!!!!

Day 4: March 1: I can only account for 15 minutes of dancing. I can't believe it's only 4 days into my plan and I'm already slacking!

Day 3: Feb 28: uhm, technically I did not do any exercising on Saturday, unless walking around an Outlet Mall counts (I doesn't)...I'm going to have to up the amounts of exercising this coming week

Day 2: Feb 27: 30 minute walk at lunch at work. I could have walked longer, but it started sprinkling; stairs at work x 2

Day 1: Feb 26: lifting weights, running around my apartment, leg lifts, stepping on and off my chair (I was amazed at how this really increased my heart rate!), sit ups, wall push ups; stairs at work


BlueToYou said...

go for it olga! i know you can do it! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool pre birthday and birthday plans!