Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Red Shoes

Do you remember my red shoes? Over the last year and a half I've had two pairs of the same shoes, and am now on the 3rd (Stacey gave them to me as a present for New Year 2008). I love them. They make me feel cute and girly, and they are shiny! Alas, they are from Payless, so sooner or later (more sooner), they are going to fall apart.

This weekend I went to Aldo: just to browse: I really wasn't looking for anything specific. And then I saw them!!!!!!

I already have 2 pairs of Aldo shoes and really like them, so decided to order these! They did not have the size I needed in red, so I had them ship the shoes to me. And I got them in the mail today!!!

Aldo shoes #1
Aldo shoes #2

What do you all think?
Stay tuned for photos of my new red wallet: I love the color red!

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