Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Update on Things

So instead of updating my previously written 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days before turning 30, I decided to start a new post :)

Things are going well. With my training for Avon Breast Cancer Walk I'm definitely getting 30 minutes of exercise a day (and if not, then the "surrounding" days totally cover for the empty ones).

I'm also doing well on my fundraising: with the latest donation from Anna (yeai for twins), Heather (a fellow blogger), Laura, Wendy, Cindy (and the girls), Emily S, Emily R and Paige I'm now 81% closer to my goal! (and I have checks from Wendy's grandma and Nicole that will be processed!)

Now for the exercise update:

Day 23: March 20: 4 mile walk during lunch: it was a gorgeous day!!!
Day 22: March 19: nothing. Does washing dishes at Sur La Table count? Seriously, the walk from yesterday covered the 30 min requirement
Day 21: March 18: 5.5 mile walk (attempted to walk home from work, but ran into issues when it came to Arlington Cemetery, so just walked to Rosslyn and then took the Metro home). Special thank you to Jenny for her help :)
Day 20: March 17: 5 mile walk!
Day 19: March 16: dancing
Day 18: March 15: nothing. Unless kneading dough by hand counts
Day 17: March 14: 8 mile walk!!! I'm so impressed I did not pass out (although I really had to go to the bathroom a lot!). Plus dancing. So this covers day 16 and 18
Day 16: March 13: nada! nothing! zero

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