Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Georgetta Manning Cox is No Longer My Dentist

Let me count the reasons why Georgetta Manning Cox is No Longer My Dentist:

1) She doesn't have a receptionist
2) She doesn't have assistants
3) Once she emailed me at midnight cancelling the appointment for the following morning
4) There hasn't been a single time when she was actually ready for me at the time she said to come in
5) My permanent crown fell out twice
6) Sometimes her daughter is on phone duty: this means rudeness, completely unprofessional behavior and snarky remarks

After my permanent crown fell out for the 2nd time, I called and talked to Mrs. Manning's daughter. She insinuated that it was somehow my fault that the crown kept on falling out. When I told her that I could not imagine what it was that I did wrong, she replied "I don't know, I'm not in your mouth"

7) Most of communication for making appointments, etc, was done over text messages and email
8) Once, she cut my tongue during a procedure and instead of apologizing claimed that "for someone so quiet, you have quite an active tongue"
9) Ashley found a new and more organized dentist who actually has receptionists and assistants! So I switched!
10) Although Cindy insinuated a few times that I might perhaps be having an affair with my dentist because I was seeing her so many times, that is simply not true


Unknown said...

OMG Like Olga said I had her as well and switched much sooner than she did. She is completely unprofessional. I went for an appointment one time and she was not even there. She had her brother watching the shop while she ran out. I waited a half hour but had to go back to work. I would not recommend going to her ever!

recipes2share said...

Good for you, Olga- the number of times I have felt like a rant like this...there again, in France it is probably daily - its that Gailic shrug that gets me, though I've perfected it myself now heehee!!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're switching dentists because she sounds horrible...but I do think that you'll look back and miss hilarious comments like "I don't know, I'm not in your mouth." LOL That is freaking hilarious! (Looking back, of course... who says things like that!)

DeniseinVA said...

Oh dear, well I'm glad you've switched. I have my own horror story about a dentist and it put me off going for a long time which was silly of me, but I just couldn't stand the thought of going back to one after the episode I had.

BlueToYou said...

yikes! how awful! i've NEVER had a dentist cut my tongue! I'm glad you left. y

Emily said...

I had some really weird dental experiences when I lived in the DC area too. There was the Korean-American dentist on Capitol Hill whose office was full of outdated equipment and plastered in Georgia Bulldogs paraphernalia. When I told him I worked at APA he proceeded to tell me at length about how he was on antidepressant medication. Very strange. He did not have any assistants or a receptionist either. Bad sign.

jai said...

Sorry,'re wronger than wrong can be. Someone who is a skilled dentist, and practices dentistry not to earn money but to serve people, is a rarity these days. She has taken excellent care of me, even at last minute notice. It's quite obvious that she's not in medicine to make money. If you guys want high end doctors, get cadillac plans and find cruises on which your doctors work on you teeth. Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to see her this past friday, went to her office, knocked on the door, sat outside for 45 minutes, tried calling her multiple times and she never got back to me. The temporary crown she gave me fell off. I had to go find a new dentist to take care of me!!!!

Aahhh and her office was a piece of shit and stank really bad....