Monday, April 13, 2009

Training Update

With just a few weeks left before Avon's Breast Cancer Walk (first weekend of May), Sarah, Christina, Chelsy and I made plans to meet up this past Saturday for an 18 mile training walk. After all, the Saturday before Christina, Sarah and I managed to walk 16 miles, after which I even went dancing!!!

The forecasters, unfortunately, promised rain for at least the first half of the day. When I woke up Saturday morning at 8 and heard the rain outside of my window, I had high hopes that maybe one of the girls texted the rest of us cancelling our training session due to the weather.

No such luck. And so I got myself ready, ate leftover turkey enchilada (the only thing available in my refrigerator), and took the Metro to meet the rest of the girls.

Soon after we started walking, we decided to only do 10 miles instead of 18. It rained the entire time! My almost-brand-new shoes (look on the left) got terribly dirty, our socks and shoes got wet, but at least we had each other :) It would have been really boring to have to do the walk on my own. And of course we attempted to dry off a bit while having lunch at La Madeleine.

Oh, and I picked up a gorgeous daffodil on the way home :)

I'll have to try to do a few shorter training walks during the week and then a longer one over the weekend with the girls. And I need to remember to drink water: did not drink much on Saturday and ended up feeling tired and dehydrated.


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

What a great job, girl!

Small steps makes a BIG different, put that in mind.


BlueToYou said...

keep going olga! you can do it!