Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Knotted Bracelet & Necklace for Cindy

Remember I wrote a while ago about taking a knotting technique class and then receiving a "commission" from Cindy to re-do several of her necklaces?

Well, after making bracelets for Cindy and her girls and earrings for Cindy's older daughter, I was ready to undertake the next project: making a bracelet and a necklace for Cindy using her pink quartz long necklace. The final photos are below.

This project turned out to be a bit more of a challenge because the holes in the "beads" were larger than the ones I've worked with before. That meant that the knots I made inbetween the beads weren't big enough to prevent the beads from sliding around. That meant that I had to take apart the bracelet I made and start over using 2 silk cords instead of one! At the end everything turned out fine, and I was miraculously lucky to have just enough cord to finish the project.

I have to be completely honest: after I finished the necklace I put it on and wore it around my apartment for a bit. It was rather hard to give it back to Cindy :)

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BlueToYou said...

fabulous. you pick this stuff up really quickly. i never do.