Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shopping time

Last Friday I had a bit of time to spare before going to an Art Gallery opening. My options were to stay longer at work, to go and read at Starbucks or to go shopping. Shopping won!

I visited one of my favorite stores, Secondi, and made FOUR purchases. I always get a lot of use out of things I buy at the store, and always get compliments, so I think it is well worth it.

The top below is what I call a "pregnant top." But I don't really care too much if I look pregnant while wearing it. The colors are so much fun, and the fabric is light and flowy. And it can doulbe as a skirt! (I did iron the top, but only after taking the photos). I also bought a white GAP hoodie and a light lavender tshirt. Scroll down for the 4th purchase.

On Saturday I went to a bunch of open studios around U Street and one of the artists had these amazing card holders with his photographs "glued" to the top. I've been wanting one of these for a long time, and decided to buy one! LOVE. It's a perfect way to carry a Metro card, ID and a credit card with me when I go dancing.

And finally, something I've been carrying around the entire weekend, and something I'm planning to take to Chicago with me: my new green bag. I saw it at Secondi and could not resist. It's roomy, but light. And look at the linining! Fun colored linings always make me think of Jenny :)

Now I'll just have to coordinate all of my outfits not to clash with this vibrant color.

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BlueToYou said...

omgosh great finds! i totally want a purse that color.