Monday, June 1, 2009

Chicago Recap

Saturday: flew in with Wendy. Met up with Anna in the hotel. Amy joined us a bit later and we headed to dinner. I really wanted to go to Tango Sur, but the wait was 2 hours. So we ended up at a Moroccan restaurant: Andalous. Great food! Super friendly staff, and Bring your own wine!

Anna and I were planning on going salsa dancing at night, but alas were too tired.

Sunday: Woke up and went to China town for dim sum. Then spent quite some time on the El trying to find a market festival. Who knew they had two stations with the same name on the same line!? Finally found the market: I really liked it: jewelry, art, crafts, music, food, etc. I bought a pretty pearl necklace and Anna bought me the t-shirt (see Say What??? post below).

Had dinner at Cafe Iberico and then went to Second City. Tapas were pretty good, but the best time was the bill: with a pitcher of sangria and plenty of food, we paid only $20/each! The comedy show was awesome! I haven't laughed that much in quite a bit.

Again, our tentative plans for salsa dancing did not happen.

Monday: had breakfast at Corner Bakery by our hotel (seriously, it seemed like there were Corner Bakeries on every corner!). Went to see Couture clothing exhibit at the Chicago History museum. Beautiful clothing, and a bonus: museum was free on Monday. But I was disappointed by their museum store: nothing tempting at all.

Then met Anna's friend Kate for pizza. Followed by a boat tour: too bad it was pouring, so we had to sit inside the boat.

Photos from the boat tour:

Wendy went to see a baseball game, while Anna, Amy and I went to dinner. The place we originally wanted was closed for Memorial Day, and so we went with the hotel's recommendation. UGH: they were out of 5 entrees, and then also told us they were out of clam chowder. The wine was good, but the food was mediocre. Just because you give me a huge amount of food does not mean it's a good thing.

Tuesday: our last day in Chicago. Had hot dogs for a late breakfast, then walked around the city. Stopped by the Contemporary Museum's store where I bought a ring and a bracelet. Met Anna's other friend for lunch at Frontera Grill, and then it was time to fly back to reality (I will be posting photos of jewelry later and will post food recaps on Mango & Tomato).

Hot dogs:

Frontera Grill:

Overall had a great time. Could have used a few extra days, but there is always the next time!

1. With Anna (click to see my new pearl necklace) 2. With Amy (you can see my new glasses) 3. With Wendy and Anna (my bag totally matched Wendy's coat!)

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