Monday, June 22, 2009

WIAE & I was FORCED to buy new shoes

Today is going pretty well so far...well, relatively well :)

cereal with milk
roasted pepper & cauliflower soup, broccoli souffle
diet Pepsi with 2 small chocolates
iced coffee with a slice of Daring Bakers challenge (the rest of the "challenge" I brought to work and shared with my coworkers! that means I would not be eating it at home tonight! Score!)
for dinner I had a beet/grapefruit/blue cheese/endive salad and some melon later on

And now to the story of the shoes. Last Friday I walked across the street on my way to the Metro and one of my Express flip flops broke. I was too lazy to walk home and take another pair of shoes and simply tied the flip flop: it was operational. Then when I walked to Gallery Place for lunch to meet Ashley, my second flip flop broke! UGH! Ashley decided that was good enough of an excuse to buy new flip flops.

Luckily Payless was right around the corner. All the cheap flip flops were...well, cheap! And they did not have too many in my size, so I ended up buying these. The flower on them reminds me of the red pumps Anna and I had when we were in Russia...oh the memories!

Surprisingly, they are quite comfortable! I just hope they last longer than the ones from Express!

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