Monday, October 15, 2007

Flower Power

Right across from my office, next to Union Station, there is a guy selling flowers, mostly roses, every single day. I doubt it's the same guy that has been there almost 6 years ago, when I started working at BLS, but from time to time Jenny, Laura, Stacey and I would buy flowers from him. I think it used to be $3 for half a doze roses, or maybe even $2.
Since then, the price went up to $4, but it's still a great way to cheer up and to beautify my cubicle.

My family always makes fun of me for asking "did they have another color?" and whenever I buy roses, I'm always looking for variety. I have mentioned several times to the seller that it would be fun to have mixed colors in the bouquet instead of just red or yellow, etc.

Today, the guy had a bouquet with all 6 different colored roses! I decided I needed to support such an endeavour, and bought it!

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Jen said...

So pretty :)