Friday, December 7, 2007

Say What???

I was looking over my blog a few days ago and realized I only had one entry under "say what???" category. I guess no one has said anything overly amusing to me lately...that is until today!

I was in the elevator at work on my way to lunch. One of the men seemed to be walking in the same general directions as me. He asked me something, but I could not understand what he said. So I said: "excuse me?" He asked again: "Did you use to model?" You should have seen the shock on my face! I asked him if in fact he asked if I used to model. He said yes, that is what he asked. Obviously I answered that I've never modeled in my life. He said: "well, you should!"


Not sure if this is pertinent, but I was wearing an off white turtleneck, my crazy white scarf (Anna has the same one in black) and green corduroy pants.

People continue to amuse me!

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