Thursday, January 31, 2008

Culture, Choices, and Beauty

I love culture. I am also a person of habit: for the last 4 years, Wednesdays were my Zanzibar nights, when I would go salsa dancing at Zanzibar. Then in the last few months I exchanged salsa dancing on Wednesdays for rueda practice.

Last night rueda practice was canceled and I decided to go back to Zanzibar. But then (dramatic music!!!) I received an email from Kennedy Center about a special offer for Sleeping Beauty ballet. I needed to make a choice. I am so bad at making up my mind, and sometimes it can take hours, days or even months to make a decision on something. Well, yesterday I decided to go with the ballet because the likelihood of me enjoying it was much higher than the likelihood of having a fantastic time at Zanzibar.

I was happy that Wendy agreed to go with me, although I would have gone on my own.

Here are just a few words that came to mind when I was watching Sleeping Beauty:

enchanting beautiful

peaceful graceful joyous

I think I made an absolutely right decision. If you have a chance to see this performance, I would highly recommend it! And if you know someone with young children, they would love it!

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Valeria said...

Well, good for you! I'm glad you went, good going!