Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friends, Flower Mart, Food, and Jewelry!

Today Jenn and I went to the National Cathedral for Flower Mart (Paige, you were missed!). The weather was beautiful: I think I got some sun! And of course there was plenty of festival food. One of the things we were eating was a funnel cake and because it was so windy, the funnel cake totally fell on me and I was covered in powdered sugar.

And then I found something amazing: a bracelet that exactly matches my John Hardy look alike ring! I could not believe it! The woman wanted $30, but I said I'll pay $20 and she agreed! Now I just have to find matching earrings.

The only disappointment was that I did not buy any plants. But it's not like I don't have any at home :)

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cia007girl said...

It's pretty! Looks almost pebbly/turtle-like. Is it heavy?