Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Bit of Russian Superstition

Growing up in Russia, my family had quite a few superstitions:

1) don't cut your hair or nails on Sundays (the reason for this was that when Anna and I were little we got sick several times after our nails were cut on a Sunday...obviously this doesn't make a lot of sense)
2) don't put an even number of flowers in a vase (symbolizes death)
3) don't cross a street after a black cat ran across it without spitting 3 times (bad luck)
4) don't open an umbrella in the house (bad luck)
5) don't whistle in the house (if you do, your finances will suffer)
...and so on

After many years of following these superstitions, I've managed to rid myself of 1-4. I still don't whistle inside my apartment, partially because I just can't whistle.

However, there is one superstitious act that I continue to follow. Whenever I misplace something in my apartment and can't find it, I go to my kitchen, take out a glass or a cup and turn it upside down. Magically, within the next few minutes to an hour, I am able to find the missing object.

You might not believe me, but here are a few recent examples:

1) Last Wednesday night I was over at Jenn's house watching Project Runway. When it was time for her to drive me home, she could not find her car keys. She looked in her bag, on the couch, on the table: nothing. I decided to go and see if maybe she set the keys on a kitchen counter. While in the kitchen, I turned an empty glass upside down. The next minute, miracle of miracles, Jenn found her keys!

2) This past Sunday I had a few girls over for a potluck. Wendy was telling me how she misplaced the nail polish she had purchased a few weeks ago. I told her about the "turn the glass upside down" trick. I don't think she really believed me. Guess what? Just today she let me know that when she came home that same night, she followed my advice and found the missing nail polish!! It really works.

That's why I'm sharing this good superstitious act with you all.

Perhaps this works because you stop obsessing about finding that missing object. Would the same work when it comes to finding a boyfriend? I should totally turn a few cups over ;)


BlueToYou said...

dude, no joke, this totally works. i've ALWAYS done this when i've lost something--ever since i was a child. i have no idea why it works, maybe becuase you stop thinking about finding it?

Anonymous said...

cool! i have to remember this when i lose something. ;-)